CNC Revision

As Retek Engineering, we closely follow the developing CNC technologies and make your outdated machine suitable for the most appropriate technology needed with 100% SIEMENS quality and guarantee.

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Product Sale

Thanks to our competent sales staff, we ensure to deliver the SIEMENS Automation and motion control products, which we have a dealership, quickly and from stock as much as possible.

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Machine Automation

By choosing the most up-to-date and most suitable components, we offer customized solutions for your machine, your business and you. We renew your old Controllers, which increases your maintenance costs.

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Balance System

It offers the opportunity to automatically balance the stone on your grinding machine. As In-Process and Post-Process, it provides you with the opportunity to measure diameter, part positioning and GAP control.

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Who are we?

RETEK ENGINEERING; It started its activities in 1996 and started to make the revision of machine tools as a primary goal by obtaining the dealership of Siemens SINUMERIK EXPERT PARTNER(SEP). Our company, which is an engineering company, continues its development with its developing customer portfolio and at the same time, in order to meet the increasing customer material demands, it also took the Siemens Solution Partner dealership in 2001 and started to serve its customers by integrating its sales-oriented formation with the project team.

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